Relational Database Management System

Chapter 1

Database Management Systems

 Purpose of Database Systems

 Data Abstraction

 Data Models

o Object-based Logical Models

 The E-R Model

 The Object-Oriented Model

o Record-based Logical Models

 The Relational Model

 The Network Model

 The Hierarchical Model

o Physical Data Models

 Instances and Schemes

 Data Independence

 Data Definition Language (DDL)

 Data Manipulation Language (DML)

 Database Manager

 Database Administrator

 Database Users

 Overall System Structure

Chapter 2

Entities and Entity Sets

 Relationships & Relationship Sets

 Attributes

 Mapping Constraints

 Keys

 Primary Keys for Relationship Sets

 The Entity Relationship Diagram

 Other Styles of E-R Diagram

 Reducing E-R Diagrams to Tables

o Representation of Strong Entity Sets

o Representation of Weak Entity Sets

o Representation of Relationship Sets

 Generalization

 Aggregation

 Design of an E-R Database Scheme

o Mapping Cardinalities

o Use of Entity or Relationship Sets

o Use of Extended E-R Features

Chapter 3

Structure of Relational Database

o Basic Structure

o Database Scheme

o Keys

o Query Languages

 The Relational Algebra

o Fundamental Operations

o Formal Definition of Relational Algebra

o Additional Operations

 The Tuple Relational Calculus

o Example Queries

o Formal Definitions

o Safety of Expressions

o Expressive Power of Languages

 The Domain Relational Calculus

o Formal Definitions

o Example Queries

o Safety of Expressions

o Expressive Power of Languages

 Modifying the Database

o Deletion

o Insertions

o Updating

 Views

o View Definition

o Updates Through Views and Null Values

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